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Company Events

Events are becoming a bigger piece of the sales & marketing puzzle for businesses, and it’s really no surprise. They can help create and move opportunities through your pipeline faster, improve brand recognition, enforce a positive workplace culture and image, and keep your customers engaged and excited to be working with you. Unlike other forms of marketing, events are the best way to actually meet and engage with the people that matter most to your business. No matter your budget, we'll come up with a strategy to maximize your marketing and outreach via key events, helping you achieve your goals even faster.

Sample Events: Launches / Roadshows / User Conferences / Customer Advisory Board Meetings / New Hire, Training, Recruiting, & Sales Events / Team Outings / Executive Offsites

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Community Gatherings

From fundraisers to networking events, ranging in size and formality, we'll help you attract the right audience to meet your goals. With so many events for people to attend on a weekly basis, you'll want and need to find a way to make your event stand out. Whether it's a one-time thing or an ongoing series, let's work together to identify what you're hoping to accomplish and how we can help you achieve just that. 

    Sample Events: Industry Events / Networking Events / Non-Profit Events / Fundraisers / Store or Gallery Openings / Trunk Shows 

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    Private Parties

    Do you like to host friends and family for dinner parties? Are you planning a milestone birthday? A holiday party? Or perhaps you're recently engaged and have a bunch of gatherings you need to start organizing (congrats, by the way!). Let's talk about how we can pull off an amazing event that represents you, your taste, and your goals. We can manage your event from concept phase through execution or we can help advise on strategy and design, which includes a curated list of supplies, decor, and rentals. 

    Sample Events: Dinner Parties / Celebrations / Holiday Parties / Milestone Events

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