The Post-Event Survey

The post-event survey is critical for your attendees to provide feedback that can help you understand what worked and what didn't work so well at your event. Combined with anecdotal observations, the survey gets you the answers you need to host better events and convince management the events are worthwhile (so that maybe next quarter you'll get more budget)! Surveys can help you make the decision of whether to continue hosting certain types of events or to shift to something different. They can help you save money or create more value if attendees find some aspects of your event to be more beneficial than others. And by including a couple of open-ended questions, they allow you to hear directly from attendees, providing testimonial copy you can use to promote future events (unless the event totally bombed and you have to spend the time doing damage control instead, but that's never the case, right??). 

When it comes to following up with your guests, be sure to reach out to them no more than 2 days after the event so that everything is still top of mind. Send the email as a thank you and include a link to your survey. Encourage guests to fill out the survey because it will ensure that future events will cater even further to their needs and wants. We like to keep our survey short and sweet because who has the time or desire to spend more than a minute or two responding? Ideally, keep your questions to under 10 total and ask few open-ended questions should. We highlighted the top questions we think should be included below:

    Collect basic attendee details including:

    Name / Email / Company / Role

    Must include post-event survey questions:

    1. Please rate your overall level of satisfaction with our event (matrix: very dissatisfied to very satisfied)
      1. Date & Time
      2. Location
      3. Presentation Content
      4. Speakers
      5. Food & Beverage
      6. Overall Experience
    2. NPS: Between 0 and 10, how likely are you to recommend this event to someone else? (0-10 scale)
    3. How likely are you to attend a similar event in the future? (very unlikely to very likely)
    4. What did you like most about this event? (open-ended question)
    5. What did you like least about the event? (open-ended question)
    6. Do you have any other suggestions or comments to help us improve our future events? (open-ended question)

    Recommended survey forms:

    Check out the sites below to see which one will work best for you. Most of them come with CRM integrations making it even easier to send out and keep track of. Google Forms is certainly the most simple and doesn't have all the bells & whistles of other survey sites, but it is free and easy to use if you're just starting out.