Not Your Typical Team Outing

Company outings happen throughout the year and for a number of reasons. A new employee joins the team, a colleague gets promoted, your summer interns are heading back to college, your team is celebrating a big win, and a million* (*unverified) other excuses to get the gang together. In today’s world, the perks matter. They are certainly no stand-in for bad culture, but you’re competing with thousands of other companies vying to attract prospective employees so investing a little time and thought in your company event strategy can be valuable. Whether it’s an impromptu gathering or a company sponsored event, here are some ideas to make your next field trip more fun.

  1. Olympics - this could be an actual obstacle course or simply a game night where you keep track of team progress. A medal ceremony is the perfect way to end this night. 

  2. Brewery Tour - Boston is booming with breweries these days and many have public taprooms perfect for group tastings. Charter a bus/van for your group and set your stops for the day. This is a great way to see different parts of the city and discover a new favorite beer, spirit, or cider. A few of our favorites:

    1. Beer: Lamplighter, Night Shift, Aeronaut, Somerville Brewing Company

    2. Cider: Downeast Cider, Bantam Cider

    3. Spirits: Shortpath Distillery, Boston Harbor Distillery, Bully Boy

  3. Beach Day - beach games + BBQ... need I say more? 

  4. Snow Day - reserve a room block at a ski lodge, hit the slopes during the day and sprinkle in some team building activities in the afternoon. End with a fun dinner and s'mores in the fireplace. 

  5. Cooking Class - bonding over food, what could be better? Sign your group up for a class. Some restaurants and chefs also offer private classes. 

  6. Craft Class - learn something new together. Anything from DJing to knitting to pottery and woodwork. Let your team vote for the top activity. 

  7. Dance Class - nothing better than goofing off in a dance class. Better for smaller groups and opting in so everyone feels comfortable and not forced! 

  8. Fitness Class - with so many group fitness classes in Boston, it may be hard to choose. Pure Barre, Crossfit, outdoor bootcamp, yoga... or just go for a group run and add some stops to explore the city/town you're in. 

  9. Volunteer - community service is a a great way to get your team involved and working together to give back and create / contribute something positive. 

  10. Day at the Museum - many museums offer group rates and have beautiful outdoor areas for your team to have lunch and discuss their favorite art.