Don't Sweat Halloween | Planning Tips to Inspire Your Next Event

With each passing year, I see more and more friends falling out of love with my favorite holiday, Halloween. What once was a cherished day, an excuse to eat as many mini-chocolate bars as possible, and dress like our parents' worst nightmare, has become more of a stress than anything else. The pressure for the perfect costume is high and the quest to find a party, even more challenging.

But so long as there is a party, people will find a costume, and they will attend and they will participate (Liam Neeson Taken voice). So naturally, we host a party every year and invite (coerce) our friends and family to partake in the festivities. Last year’s Halloween featured a bourbon bar, 3 types of crostini (goat cheese & mushroom, tomato & garlic, chicken liver mousse & gooseberry jam), a few delicious dips including mom’s feta and jalapeno, and Devil’s food cake for dessert -- oh, and of course, lots and lots of bite sized candies.

And it didn't really take that much effort. For less than $75, we ordered supplies via Amazon Prime 2 days before the event; decorating the apartment with black netting, fake cobwebs, victorian tablecloths, a couple of skulls (including skull trophy for best costume awarded at the end of the evening), 100 LED candlelights and a few fake, but realistic looking spiders, crows, and mice with the intention of scaring my sister (it worked). And thanks to Netflix, we streamed Rosemary's Baby on mute for good measure. 

With only a week’s notice, we got 25 people to attend and all of them in brilliant costumes. It truly was special.

What are you planning this year? Let us know in the comments below!