Optimizing the On-site & Post-Event Experience

Your invites have been sent, RSVPs received, venue secured, and your speaker and presenter are ready to go. You feel a huge sigh of relief: the event is happening and people are attending...mission accomplished! And while it’s true, the finish line is in sight, you can’t forget about the on-site and post-event experience. Whether you're hosting a recruiting event for prospective employees or a field marketing event for customers and prospects, the basics of hosting an even remain the same. Outside of ensuring your speakers and vendors show up, your AV equipment is not malfunctioning, and any materials and catering are where they should be, don't forget to check the following off your to-do list:

Pre-event reminder

Your pre-event communication is extremely important. Don’t fire off emails without reviewing. The slightest error can be a huge turn off for your guests. At the very least, make sure you include their name (yes, personalize!), and the correct event details (location, date, and agenda). A calendar invite is better than an email so that it’s already on their schedule and they’ll be much less likely to forget.

Greet and register all of your guests

...even the unexpected ones. Have a plan to register last minute attendees. You can skip the “hello my name is” tags and offer pre-printed name tags. Many event apps offer great, inexpensive options for onsite printing, attendee tracking, and the ability to easily register and sell tickets (Attend, Zkipster, Spash, and Eventbrite just to name a few!).

Timely follow-up 

Create custom messages for your guests that attended vs. those who couldn’t make it. Keep it simple, and on topic. Include a helpful piece of content, perhaps something you discussed at your event or a good follow on to that discussion. You can also include a call to action to keep them involved long after – for example, have them join your Slack or LinkedIn group, or sign up for your newsletter.

Post-event promotion

Review the notes you took during or right after the event. Use this as follow up to get in touch with a customer and see if you can use something they may have said as a testimonial, quote, or to even build out a future case study. Highlight the event on social media, your blog, your newsletter. It doesn't have to be a big event for you to make some noise about it. It's just another way for your customers and subscribers to see what you're doing and how they can get involved in the future! 

Share your post-event process in the comments below. What's worked best for you? If there is an area you could use some help, drop us a line and we'd be happy to help get you set up for success!