Top Five Reasons Planning a Destination Wedding Will Actually Save You a Huge Headache

Without further ado, here are our top 5 reasons to plan your wedding abroad: 

  1. The destination is your choice and somewhere you want to be, or have always wanted to visit. Plus, you would already be packed for the honeymoon and, depending on where you choose, probably a lot closer to it than you would've been = maximizing time away. Bonus for your guests: a great excuse for a vacation the boss can’t really deny.

  2. You get to invite the world, but know that less than 50% will be able to make it, meaning your budget won’t break the bank, and you won’t be hurting anyone’s feelings. Sorry, random person I’ve never met, but used to be my mom’s childhood friend. Maybe we’ll meet some day?

  3. That relative with all the ideas and opinions will have to curb it. No, you don’t know the best venue in Tahiti, Aunt Beth.

  4. Keep it simple. Forget all the tchotchkes and trinkets. Who needs hand-painted signs when your reception backdrop is the Mediterranean Sea?

  5. You could actually end up pocketing a lot of cash. Think of it as an arbitrage opportunity. If the euro is down, take advantage. Also, most destinations have a high and low season, so be sure to review and understand the difference in cost, as it may be a ton cheaper to have your wedding on June 1 than on June 9... and never accept the first number put in front of you. May the odds be in your favor.